Winter Car Valet

Our popular Bolt on Winter Valet is now available! This special winter Valet can be added on to either our Basic or Superior Valet services. Protect your car from the freezing weather and salt/grit attack with this special valet service that goes beyond cleaning, to protect your car.

Winter Valet Includes


High Pressure wash to all salt trap areas to reduce corrosion risk.


Windscreen polish and sealant reducing snow/slush smearing.


Exterior Chrome treated and protected to reduce risk of corrosion.


Drainage Channels cleared to avoid salt water retention.


Carnauba wax applied to splash back areas to reduce paintwork contamination.


Protection lasts from 3 to 6 months

Add your Winter Bolt on now for only £47.

Protect your Paintwork

Salt water from treated roads during the winter is your paintworks worst enemy. With appropriate protection however, the risk of corrosion is reduced, and the effort to maintain the car in good condition is reduced. Contact us now and ask for the Winter Valet Service.

Improved Safety

Smear from road film arising for salted road surfaces makes driving more difficult due to poor visibility. With our Winter Valet, your car windshield and wing mirrors are treated to a deep clean, followed by hydrophobic protection to reduce to risk of smearing and improve visibility under chalengering winter conditions. Book now!