Our most popular valet service, returning cars to showroom condition.


All interior plastics/vinyls cleaned of any staining and treated with quality protectant to enhance look and protect from sunlight.


All interior glass gleaned with top quality anti-smear cleaning agent leaving a crystal clear view of the road ahead.

Instrument Panel

Plastics cleaned and all joins and seams meticulously cleaned out removing all dust and particles - leaving it like factory new.

Steering Wheel

All buttons cleaned with top quality cleaners leaving the entire area hygienic and pleasing to the eye. All dust and detritus carefully removed. No dust trap left uncleaned.

Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel is hygienically cleaned and decontaminated with special non slip cleaning agents.

Door Pockets

Door Pockets cleared of items and cleaned.


All seats cleaned. Fabrics washed down and leather cleaned and treated with quality leather protectant to enhance look and protect from UV and cracking.


All mats and carpets fully vacuumed, brushed, and stains removed. Driver pedals cleaned with special no slip cleaning agent. Foot rest cleaned.